Asian-International Trade and Investment Association (AITIA) was established under Trade Association Act, B.E. 2509 (1966) and operated by the Association's Board of Directors comprises of several leading and well-known experts and advisers from various business industries and also academic professional and etc. The objectives of the Association aim to promote cooperation between Thailand, China and ASEAN countries in economic, trade, investment and cultural exchange.  We have the members from various industries such as food & beverage, textile, automotive spare parts, electrical & electronic, building material, logistics and etc. With the implementation of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area (ACFTA), trade and investment between China and ASEAN has become increasing. AITIA holds many activities   to enhance trade and investment cooperation between Thai and China. We closely work with many Chinese provincial governments to organize many activities for the benefit of both Thai and Chinese manufactures, such as holding ASEAN Market Analysis Briefing Conference, China-ASEAN Economic and Trade Forum, International Exhibition, etc. Through various activities, AITIA has earned itself a reputation among Chinese enterprises for good service in helping manufactures explored the ASEAN market.


1. To strengthen trade and investment cooperation between Thai, China, and ASEAN entrepreneurs.
2. To coordinate with both domestic and international governmental authorities in all areas related to international business and trade.
3. To assist members in solving the business problem or obstacle and support the information regarding domestic and international market situation, trade and Investment to enhancing their mutual benefit.
4. To organize specialized activities such as Seminar, International Trade Fair, Business Forum and Business Matching as a way to create trade opportunities.
5. To promote and support members in disseminating information and data useful among them through the association website and the published media.